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WWE finally remembered Toni Storm

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Toni Storm was a guest on this week’s episode of Talking Smack, where Kayla Braxton interviewed her about that whole thing with Dolph Ziggler backstage on Friday Night SmackDown this week. She reaffirmed that while the Zig man is cool and all, she’s a Rick BOOGS fan, because she’s got good taste.

Zelina Vega interrupted to be generally nasty towards her, probably because of that win Storm scored over her in Toni’s debut on the blue brand. When Braxton asked who Storm has her eye on, she made sure to throw Vega on the back end of the list:

“I mean, I said from the beginning, I’m wasting no time. I’ve got my eye on Bianca Belair, I’ve got my eye on Becky Lynch, I’ve got my eye on all the top girls. And I guess now I’ve got my eye on Zelina Vega. I feel like I, yeah, I’m gonna need to keep an eye out.”

I find it funny that Storm says she’s “wasting no time” when she quite literally disappeared from television for a number of weeks after her aforementioned debut victory over Vega. There’s obviously a narrative disconnect there.

That said, it at least appears they’re setting up for something for her now, so we can be thankful for that much at least.