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Brock Lesnar announced for SmackDown next week at Madison Square Garden

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As revealed by Paul Heyman during Friday Night SmackDown this week:

WWE is trying to load up the card for its big show at Madison Square Garden in New York City next week, as it wasn’t just Lesnar being announced for the show but they also booked an Edge vs. Seth Rollins rematch from SummerSlam. That’s in addition to the previously announced Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair Extreme Rules contract signing.

That’s where Lesnar returned, getting up in Roman’s face to make clear he was coming for him. When WWE went right back to Finn Balor challenging Reigns for the Universal championship on SmackDown this week, it made it less clear when exactly that would happen. Lesnar, after all, isn’t exactly a full time star and perhaps they wanted to hold off until a bigger pay-per-view down the line?

While that could still happen — we’re a couple shows away from Survivor Series at Barclays Center in Brooklyn — at the very least we know when the next confrontation will take place.

See you next week!