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Sheamus has nose surgery (again)

This past summer, a Humberto Carrillo forearm broke Sheamus’ nose. The Celtic Warrior didn’t need to vacate the United States championship, despite needing surgery to repair his face. He did however start wearing a face mask that lead to a lot of Bane jokes.

Unfortunately, that mask was knocked off when Sheamus was wrestling Jeff Hardy on the Sept. 20 episode of Raw. There was blood, but displaying Dave Bautista-like toughness, the big Fella wasn’t sidelining himself this time either. He fired back with threats of payback at Extreme Rules (pretty sure that’s what he meant... if he was threatening to team up with MACE & T-BAR, he would have used ALL CAPS).

Whatever he was talking about, it didn’t happen on the Sept. 26 PPV. Damian Priest retained the U.S. title he took from Sheamus back at SummerSlam, so it’s back under the knife for the Irishman’s schnoz...

... and it seems the docs and nurses have again worked their magic...

There’s no word on how long Sheamus will be out of action this time (he missed all of June after his first nose surgery). But when he comes back, might we suggest a more secure mask?

Heal up, Fella.

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