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Congrats to this legend

It seems like just yesterday he was Carmella’s sommelier, Reginald. But over the last couple months, the man now known as Reggie has been running and jumping around carrying WWE’s 24/7 championship. That’s long enough to put him in the record books with the longest 24/7 title reign in history.

Reggie’s 71 days with the green-and-gold belt catapults him ahead of iconic runs like the time Rob Gronkowski held it from WrestleMania 36 until R-Truth showed up in his backyard reign, or when the man who would become Rick Boogs won it on an Old Spice commercial, or any of 52 times Truth’s held his baby.

What sets the current champion apart is his impressive acrobatic skills, and the fact he actually defends the title in the ring occasionally - like he did last night (Sept. 27) on Raw. Sure, the match with Ricochet still ended in a no contest due to the usual crowd of title chasers. But Reggie tries, dangit.

Bottom line is this... Reggie now has the longest single 24/7 title reign in history. Raise a glass.

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