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Drew McIntyre is coming for a title, and he doesn’t care which one

Raw last night (Sept. 27) ended with Drew McIntyre pointing his sword Angela at WWE champion Big E.

The move, and the champ’s clean win over Bobby Lashley that preceded it, signaled that E was moving on to his next challenger. A showdown with McIntyre should be a hell of a fight - like the champ, we’re big fans of meaty men slappin’ meat. But it did surprise some folks who figured shipping the big Scot off to SmackDown in the upcoming Draft would be a good way to freshen things up for a guy who held down the Raw main event scene throughout the pandemic.

Maybe they will! Drew and whatever members of the WWE creative team actually pay attention to Raw Talk covered that in McIntyre’s post-show interview. After putting over how well-deserved Big E’s title win was, and talking to interviewer Kevin Patrick about how great it was to be back in the United Kingdom for WWE’s recent tour, the King of Claymore Country made it clear he’s not picky.

McIntyre: Big E, I’m sorry mate. You’re WWE champion, and I’m coming for you.

Patrick: But - what if you’re drafted to SmackDown? The WWE Draft starts on Friday.

McIntyre: Then I’m coming for the Universal champion.

WWE gave us a taste of Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns last year, and it’s something I could stand to sample some more of. Is that where we’re headed, or will McIntyre and Big E end up on the same brand once the dust has settled?

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