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Eva Marie being evaluated for a dislocated elbow after Shayna Baszler’s latest attack

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Last week, Shayna Baszler took out Nia Jax. WWE told us that attack left the former Raw Women’s champion needing elbow surgery.

Then on Raw last night (Sept. 27), the Queen of Spades turned her attention to Eva Marie. Charlotte Flair had already knocked Eva down by the time Baszler appeared to stomp on her elbow, which I guess is why WWE thought this would be seen as something other than a babyface move? I don’t know - everything about Eva’s return is a mystery to me.

Anyway, now the one woman Eva-lution is on the shelf, too. But not for as long as Nia, I guess, since there’s no mention of surgery this time:

This adds another question to “did they expect Shayna to get booed for taking out two of the most reviled wrestlers on the roster?” Namely, “is the Eva/Doudrop program over?”

It seemed like it was already over after the Scot defeated Eva on back-to-back Raws. Was costing Doudrop her match against Flair the final 50/50 booking nail in the story’s coffin? Or will the protege be looking to get payback for the distraction Eva caused last night? Does the upcoming Draft mean none of this matters.

Ponder those questions. Or don’t. We’ll let you know when Geno’s candlelight vigil for Eva starts.