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Big E will go into the draft as WWE champion

That was certifiably bonkers.

The Big E vs. Bobby Lashley WWE championship match that opened Monday Night Raw this week came to an unsatisfying conclusion when the seemingly reunited Hurt Business got involved and led to a big brawl with The New Day. That led to a disqualification and Adam Pearce booking a rematch for later in the evening in a steel cage to avoid any interruptions by the competing teams.

Naturally, that happened anyway:

Ultimately, E and Lashley were left to their own devices to figure things out and they put on one hell of a show, with a Big Ending from the second rope serving as the finish. That means Big E will enter the upcoming draft, which starts this coming Friday night on SmackDown, as WWE champion.

That doesn’t mean the promotion didn’t set up a new challenger for him on Raw anyway:

For whatever reason, Drew McIntyre showed up, pointed his sword at Big E, and the show went off the air with that as the tease for what’s next.

We shall see.

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