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Goldberg to Bobby Lashley: ‘If I’m lucky enough I’ll even kill you’

Although WWE failed to promote his appearance beforehand, Goldberg showed up on Monday Night Raw this week to send a message via video. We haven’t seen him since he suffered an injury during SummerSlam late last month during his match with Bobby Lashley.

That match featured Lashley putting his hands on Gage, Goldberg’s son, and was quite clearly in service of setting up another match between the two. If that wasn’t clear then, it’s absolutely clear following a promo that featured Goldberg saying this:

“You hurt my son, Bobby Lashley. And now I will fulfill the promise I made to my wife, to my son, and to you, Bobby. I’m going to hurt you real bad. Hell, if I’m lucky enough I’ll even kill you. One thing people seem to forget about Goldberg is during that process I’m going to enjoy every single second of it. Because Gage Goldberg is my son and you, Bobby Lashley, are about to be my victim.”

No word on when another match between the two might take place but the next Saudi Arabia show is just a few weeks away.

Stay tuned.

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