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BEARCAT comes to Raw

He’s here, folks.


It was just the other week that Keith “BEARCAT” Lee showed up before Monday Night Raw, and fans generally didn’t know how to feel about the change. As my partner in blog Sean Rueter pointed out, however, there’s a lot of history to the name and there’s every reason to give it a legitimate chance.

They’re off to a much better start with this than they were with his return a while back. This time, they firmly established him as a force to be reckoned with by giving him an impressive win over perennial 24/7 title challenger Akira Tozawa.

Squash matches like this are simple but effective tools for bookers to use to get fans to take characters like this seriously right away. You can just watch the way he throws Tozawa around and see that he’s worth taking seriously on his own merits.

Get complete results and coverage of this week’s episode of Raw right here.

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