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What’s this about, Bray Wyatt?

Rumors about Bray Wyatt (whose real name is Windham Rotunda, and who has changed his Twitter display name to “Windham” but hasn’t officially introduced himself to the wrestling world as anything other than “Bray Wyatt” yet, so until he does I’m gonna call him Bray Wyatt so everyone knows who I’m talking about) say he’s being pursued by both Impact and AEW.

With the latter heading to Rochester this week to film Dynamite and Rampage, there’s a lot of guessing and hoping that Wyatt might debut for AEW on Weds., Sept. 29. It would only be 60 days since he was released by WWE, but the thinking is maybe he’s received permission to not honor a standard main roster non-compete so he can debut in his dear friend Brodie Lee/Luke Harper’s hometown.

If anyone knows for sure, they’re not saying. But Bray did tweet this picture from a Wyatt Family cage match against Daniel Bryan Danielson & his “Sweet Beetz” collaborators The Usos during Extreme Rules last night (Sept. 27)...

What does it mean?!?!

Will he be on AEW soon to confront The American Dragon? Is he headed back to WWE to deal with Roman Reigns & The Bloodline? Could he and Erick Redbeard be forming a White Zombie cover band? Was he just reminiscing on a Sunday night?

Let us know what you think, Fireflies. We know Bray... er - I mean Windham won’t tell us.

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