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Shane Thorne’s new character will definitely slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you

While several former RETRIBUTION members are... well, I wouldn’t say Mustafa Ali, MACE & T-BAR are “thriving” - let’s go with... “active” on Raw, we haven’t seen much of RECKONING or Cain A. Knight’s beloved SLAPJACK since the group split from Ali back in March.

Reports indicated they were headed to SmackDown, but those hit back in April. Apart from a few dark matches for SLAPJACK, there hasn’t been much to tell us what WWE’s plans are for either of the former (?) anarchists.

Until Friday night, when clips of SLAPJACK’s new gimmick started floating around the internet. Although, much to Cain’s chagrin, he’s not going by his RETRIBUTION name any more. Shane Thorne is back, and he’s very, very Australian.

Thorne defeated Austin Theory in their dark match at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. And he took exception to Wrestling Twitter bemoaning his fate - at least as it pertains to his new character.

You know what? Even beyond the “we shouldn’t $#!+ on anything that gets a good wrestler some ring time” angle here, Thorne is absolutely right. If you don’t think Paul Hogan was cool, you weren’t alive in the late 1980s. Crocodile Dundee taught the world what an actual knife is, and its leading man married his co-star, briefly giving the world a (hopefully) non-racist Linda Hogan.

And of course Steve Irwin was a badass. Crikey! Neither Shane or I should have to explain that to you.

Thorne goes on to confirm the gimmick is his idea, and shout out his inspirations.

So slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for me, Shane. I’m in.

Not only does it get us one step closer to seeing a truly talented pro wrestler perform, it is a fun schtick. Plus, he can always snap and turn it into more of a Kraven The Hunter-type thing if he turns heel someday.

Thoughts, mates?

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