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Sasha Banks returns at Extreme Rules, costs Bianca Belair the title

The theme of the first match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair, where the former defeated the latter in just 26 seconds to win the SmackDown women’s championship at SummerSlam last month, was how unprepared Belair was.

Naturally, then, the story of the rematch, which took place tonight (Sun., Sept. 26, 2021) at WWE Extreme Rules at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, was that Bianca was as prepared as she could possibly be, and just how much that stymied Lynch’s attack.

You could see it rattling Becky, getting under her skin enough to scream at not just the fans but even Michael Cole on commentary. Then she started playing dirty, gaining advantages over Bianca wherever she could, like using her own hair against her.

Hey, she knows how to win, right?

Lynch figured it out eventually — she’s good like that — and unloaded on Belair but the challenger wouldn’t go away. She simply wouldn’t stay down. Not long enough for a three count, anyway.

As the match wore on, it became clear this was all about showcasing that Belair is every bit on the same level as Lynch.

And then Sasha Banks returned and went and ruined it all.

She caused a disqualification, putting the boots to Belair. Lynch thought perhaps that meant good things for her but there ain’t no love there, she did ‘em both like that.

“I’ll see the two of you this Friday,” Banks said as she walked out.

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