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Pat McAfee got ready for Extreme Rules by entering SmackDown like Sandman

The build-up to WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV this weekend hasn’t been terribly extreme.

But at least on SmackDown last night (Sept. 24), the one match on Sunday’s card with an extreme stipulation got a little PG-13 when Roman Reigns sent a message to Finn Bálor by putting Montez Ford through a table, then Bálor showed up in his Demon guise to whup on The Bloodline with a kendo stick.

For folks in attendance at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, someone demonstrated the old ECW spirit before the broadcast even started. It was our old pal Pat McAfee, who made like Sandman - complete with Metallica and all the accoutrements.

As many have commented after seeing that last video, Montez Ford may want a word with Pat Mac after the announce table collapsed under him in the main event...

So, I mean, maybe next time McAfee can go HAM on something that won’t be used for a spot later in the show? But when you’re channeling your inner Sandman, you can’t really think ahead.

What will Pat do when he rolls into Columbus, Ohio on Sunday for Extreme Rules itself? So many ECW staples are either in AEW or persona non grata these days, Sandman will be tough to top. Personally, I hope he does something in honor of our fellow yinzer Shane Douglas, but I’m probably the only one.

Anyway, enjoy having “Enter Sandman”* in your head for a little bit. And remember that Pat McAfee freaking rules.

* For anyone wondering why they can play Metallica here but not when the actual Sandman shows up, or on old ECW PPVs on Peacock, I assume it’s because this wasn’t broadcast.

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