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We don’t deserve Dave Bautista

But Penny, the abused puppy he adopted, sure does.

WWE Hall of Famer (he hasn’t been ceremonially inducted yet, but it’s not like they’re gonna rescind his invitation) Batista was in the news yesterday. Actually, it was Dave Bautista’s name circulating around the web.

His shoot name was used because nobody was talking about a wrestling comeback, since that’s something our man Big Dave vows to never do. It also wasn’t for anything acting related - although that should start happening as we get closer to the release of Dune here in the States next month. It wasn’t even for his outspoken political views.

But it was for another thing Bautista passionately cares about: animals, and specifically rescue dogs.

The Animal already shares his home with two six year old pit bulls he adopted in 2019. He got Maggie and Ollie from the Hillsborough County (Florida) Pet Resource Center. Now he’s added a pup with quite a backstory.

Last week, someone spotted a puppy eating garbage at a cemetery. When they took the dog to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, they discovered she had a metal chain embedded in her neck. Emergency surgery was performed to remove the chain, and the tale made it’s way to Bautista, who put up a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest & conviction of whoever neglected & abused the dog - then nicknamed Sage.

Now, Dave’s taken things one step further. Sage, who from here on will be going by Penny Bautista, is headed home to live with Maggie, Ollie, and a big softie who will spoil the crap out of her.

That’s the good stuff right there.

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