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WWE talent reportedly set to be featured in American Gladiators reboot


Hollywood’s tapped WWE as a hot property of late, with several documentaries, scripted biographical projects, and reality shows in the production pipeline. Physical competitions shows ranging from American Ninja Warrior to Wipeout are also reliable hits for networks and streamers.

So it’s kind of surprising it took this long for someone to come up with the idea of rebooting American Gladiators with WWE.

Deadline reports that’s what MGM is working on with WWE. MGM’s headed by reality show pioneer Mark Burnett, and he & his team are said to be shopping the new American Gladiators to channels and platforms.

One of the first reality competition series, American Gladiators tasked amateur contestants with completing an obstacle course where they competed with the show’s recurring “gladiators” (and/or those gladiators tried to stop them from completing the course). It was a syndicated television staple in the early 1990s, and several reboots have been attempted since.

Deadline’s report says the newest version, which will be executive produced by both MGM & WWE, will include “a slew of WWE wrestling superstars.” It doesn’t say who or what they’ll be doing, but if Karrion Kross and Bron Breakker aren’t gladiators, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

Exited for a new, WWE-riffic American Gladiators?

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