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Rey Mysterio still doesn’t want to feud with Dominik

Legendary luchador Rey Mysterio has gone back and forth a bit on how he wants to work with his son Dominik. But even as WWE seems to be building up to a feud between the two Mysterios, Rey’s most recent comments again indicate that’s not something he wants to have happen.

Those comments came during a media event during the company’s tour of the United Kingdom this week, in response to a question from talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy:

“I think in a perfect world I would love to step out of the ring, and kind of just pass the torch onto my son. You know a lot of people talk about the possible turn, and father vs. son. For me, it would mean much more to take my mask off and say, ‘Here. It’s your time. I’m stepping away. Continue with this. Write it.’”

Part of this desire stems from wanting to pass the Mysterio mantle on to not only Dom, but also perhaps some day to his grandchildren. Rey doesn’t use “Jr.” any more, but that’s how he started in Mexico, following his uncle Rey Misterio Sr. Handing the mask to his son would be part of that. It’s something Dominik says he wants, too:

“Lineage-wise, and culturally, and just with me being third generation - one day, I think ‘Rey Mysterio’, that’s him here in the States. But ‘Rey Mysterio Jr.’ is something that’s... I want it.”

We’ll see what WWE wants.

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