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Karrion Kross and Scarlett announce their engagement

Karrion Kross’ rollout on the WWE main roster has been a mixed bag so far. The at-the-time unstoppable NXT champion lost his debut match against Jeff Hardy and took his second loss a couple weeks later. WWE quickly reversed course and now he is squashing nobodies like Ricochet and John Morrison while promising to bring doom and destruction to every wrestler who crosses his path. Oh, and he also has a bizarre new look.

One of the strange missing elements of Karrion’s time on Raw is that Scarlett is nowhere to be seen. She was an integral part of his spectacular entrance and presentation in NXT. There’s no doubt that her absence from Raw is part of what Mick Foley referred to when he criticized WWE for watering down top NXT stars.

Will we see Scarlett join Karrion’s side on Raw in the near future? Hopefully, but who really knows?

What we do know is the happy couple have far more important things to think about than future WWE booking. That’s because they officially announced their engagement a short while ago:

The only question I have is, do they have an hourglass ready to go that’s counting down to their wedding day?

Congratulations to Kross and Scarlett on their fantastic news!

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