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Becky Lynch could have returned at WrestleMania 37

During a chat with the media during WWE’s current United Kingdom tour, Becky Lynch dropped a 1 - 2 “could have been” bombshell on us.

She did so while dressed in an outfit that makes me think she and hubby Seth “Drip God” Rollins share a closet, but that’s not germane to this topic...

Inside The Ropes on YouTube

What is important is that Lynch reveals she was ready to return to the ring at WrestleMania 37, a mere four months after giving birth to baby Roux. Here’s what she said in response to a question from talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy:

“I thought I was gonna be back for ‘Mania. I was ready to come back by ‘Mania, but look, they called for SummerSlam. I stayed ready. I stayed ready because I’m a hero. A hero to the people. A Man of the people. I was, now they’re changing their mind on me... anyway, I didn’t change, they changed... I believe the original return date was gonna be October.”

Asked if a match with Bayley, who didn’t wrestle on at the latest Showcase of the Immortals despite being a staple of WWE programming throughout the pandemic, was a possibility, Lynch said, “That had been thrown around.” She also agreed with McCarthy when he said he was furious that didn’t happen.

Can’t believe they’d both be willing to miss Bayley being thrown down the Raymond James Stadium ramp by The Bellas... oh wait, I can totally believe they’d be willing to miss that. Because no one wanted that, and we’re all pretty much furious we didn’t get The Role Model vs. The Man.

Now, Bex is very much in character for this interview, so she could be saying things to rile up the people she thinks have turned on her. But too much of this lines up with what we’d heard in the past (especially her return being planned for October before Sasha Banks’ absence - and maybe a little something else - prompted the call to bring her back at SummerSlam) for me to think she’s working with these answers.

Damnit. Maybe next year (get well soon, Bayley).

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