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Get ready to help The New Day take Undertaker’s urn

A few weeks back, we learned about the latest product of WWE’s partnership with Netflix: a Choose Your Own Adventure-type special about The New Day trying to survive a visit to Undertaker’s haunted/murderous mansion.

The trailer for that project, Escape The Undertaker, dropped today (Sept. 21) - and is embedded above. It tells us a bit more about the plot, with Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston voluntarily going in Taker’s house to convince him to give them his urn, because combining its power with their Power of Positivity will make them unstoppable.

Makes sense to me.

The Dead Man isn’t just going to hand over the urn, though. So we’re going to be tasked with guiding our boys through the challenges & traps Taker’s set out for New Day, and not being corrupted by his evil ways. Eventually, if all goes well, it seems we’ll get to coach them through a throwdown with The Phenom.

Based on this trailer, Escape The Undertaker just looks like the dumbest fun. That’s partly because Taker is taking the undead mortician sctick more seriously than he has since the Attitude Era. Mostly, it’s because New Day are being New Day, and a ridiculous scenario like this that they can ham it up and riff on is perfect for Kof, Woods & E.

Can’t wait for it to drop on Oct. 6, when I will definitely not be telling New Day to split up while exploring Undertaker’s house.

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