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Sonya Deville isn’t going to be wrestling, probably

Although it was only briefly mentioned on the air during Friday Night SmackDown this week, and seemingly forgotten in the hours after, WWE did indeed go back to the story of Naomi getting fined for getting all up in Sonya Deville’s face on the episode of Talking Smack that aired this morning.

Here is Naomi’s follow up, which includes video of Deville talking about it:

“I have to address the elephant in the room because it’s really getting under my skin. The way that Naomi talked to me tonight, the way she treated me tonight, is absolutely unacceptable behavior for everybody in the locker room across the board, male, female, SmackDown or Raw, or NXT, for that matter. Nobody is to talk to a WWE official in that manner. She is lucky that she got a fine. I don’t know what she thinks stepping to me and getting aggressive in my face is going to do. I’m a WWE official and I’m not going to lay my hands on WWE talent, let’s just make that crystal clear.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would think they are building to Deville’s return match against Naomi. The way she talks here, perhaps we’re meant to think that won’t be the case but there’s enough of a hint of her becoming an active wrestler again to at least consider the possibility.

Stay tuned.

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