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Baby Gargano is already angling to join The Elite

It was a busy week of family-related activities for Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

Their surrogate daughter Indi Hartwell got hitched to Dexter Lumis on the premiere of NXT 2.0. It was the rare (unheard of?) wrestling wedding that went down without a swerve, a cake fight, or both.

In the real world, Gargano and LeRae shared with the world that the baby they’re expecting has a penis. For that, they enlisted their dog Pawdme for something rarer than a smooth wrestling wedding... a gender reveal video that doesn’t make me roll my eyes!

The latest bit of news Candice has shared could be totally wholesome, or a sign of family strife in about 18 years or so. Mrs. Wrestling posted a sonogram to her Instagram Story, and as you can see, Baby G is already mimicking the entrance schtick of a family friend, former co-worker, and frequent Papa John rival...

Candice LeRae’s Instagram

Could the Garganos run of family bliss end when their new son’s nine month contract is up and he immediately jumps ship to join Uncle BAY BAY at All Elite?

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