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Edge reportedly won’t be around for a few months

On last Friday’s SmackDown, Edge was stretched out after doing the job for Seth Rollins in a rematch of their SummerSlam match.

It was pretty clearly a storyline development as opposed to an actual injury to the 47 year old. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that is the case.

Edge is a part-timer, and was set to be off for a “few months” this fall. Injury angles are an easy way to explain the Hall of Famer’s absences.

As for the man who kayfabe put the Rated R Superstar on the shelf? WWE is teasing that he’ll “answer for his heinous actions” on SmackDown tonight (Sept. 17). The Drip God is telling the world he’s had some sort of epiphany he wants to share with us...

Before his issues with Edge took off, Rollins was barking about wanting a shot at Roman Reigns’ Universal title. With his old Shield-mate working with Brock Lesnar right now, what’s next for Seth?

Find out tonight on SmackDown, and in our live blog!

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