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Sami Zayn has the best cryptic tweet about his future

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The pro wrestling rumor mill is a very fascinating place to follow.

Last week, there was a rumor debunking a previous rumor regarding the end date of Sami Zayn’s contract with WWE. This immediately followed a different rumor about Kevin Owens’ contract with WWE expiring in January 2022. Owens and Zayn will fight forever, so they are always linked together, even in the rumors.

It’s pretty common for wrestlers to react to rumors with cryptic tweets. Pete Dunne is a very recent example of a wrestler who responded to contract rumors with a cryptic tweet. Kevin Owens followed suit with a tweet that contained an AEW tease.

Sami Zayn is aware of all the rumors about his WWE contract, so he decided to join the cryptic tweet game today with a cryptic tweet about his future:

Sami Zayn’s troll game is strong. Now he can sit back and get a kick out of watching everyone else dive into bizarre conspiracy theories about what’s going on with his pro wrestling future.