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It sounds like WWE banned the name ‘Rick Steiner’ during Bron Breakker’s debut

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NXT 2.0 premiered this week (Sept. 14) with Rick Steiner’s son wrestling under his new ring name, Bron Breakker. He defeated LA Knight in the opening match of the night.

After that match was over, Brooks Jensen made his debut in a tag team match against Imperium. The commentary team noted that Jensen is a second generation wrestler, which was a nod to his father, former WWE wrestler Bull Buchanan.

No such reference was ever made to Rick Steiner during Breakker’s debut match.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed this situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, where Meltzer indicated that Rick Steiner’s name was added to WWE’s list of banned words:

Meltzer: “They do weird things all the time...this guy comes out in a singlet like Rick Steiner, in a haircut like Rick Steiner, looks like the frickin’ son of Rick Steiner, and he is, and they never say it. They never say second generation wrestler. They never bring up Rick Steiner...”

Alvarez: “There was one ‘dog-faced gremlin’ reference. That was literally it.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, it was an inside wink-wink. Because the guys were told they cannot say Rick Steiner, so Vic Joseph decided to be cute. He wasn’t banned from saying ‘dog-faced gremlin’, but those announcers were absolutely told, you cannot mention...why you would do this, and ban the mention of Rick Steiner’s name is just weird.”

I think it’s even weirder to change the guy’s name to Bron Breakker, but that’s just me.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Can you decipher WWE’s system of logic to figure out why the name Rick Steiner was never mentioned during his son’s debut on NXT 2.0?