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Bray Wyatt hints at his return to pro wrestling with a brand new gimmick

Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) was surprisingly released by WWE at the end of July. He joined Braun Strowman as another main event level WWE wrestler who was fired by Vince McMahon to presumably save a lot of money on their very large contracts, despite WWE achieving record profit levels in 2020.

Considering Wyatt’s star power, many pro wrestling fans have understandably been speculating on his future. Will he go to AEW? Impact? NJPW? Somewhere else? Will he go back to being a backwoods cult leader when he returns to pro wrestling, or will he dive even deeper into another supernatural character like The Fiend?

Wyatt dropped a couple hints on Twitter at when we’ll see him again, and what form that might be in. Based on Wyatt’s words, we won’t have to wait long to see him again, perhaps with a gimmick that we’ve never seen before:

It isn’t all about Bray Wyatt, though. He also took a moment to congratulate Big E on winning the WWE Championship on this week’s (Sept. 13) episode of Raw:

Bray Wyatt’s 90 day non-compete clause should be up towards the end of October, around the time of Halloween. What new creative ideas do you think Wyatt has in mind for his return to pro wrestling?

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