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Dexter Lumis speaks, marries Indi Hartwell on NXT 2.0

I’ll be damned.

A WWE wedding just went off without a hitch.

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis were set to be wed on this week’s NXT 2.0 debut episode but why would anyone expect them to actually go through with it? Or, rather, why would anyone expect that they would manage to get through it without the entire thing breaking down into chaos?

Somehow, they did it.

It wasn’t without issue altogether. Indeed, the Austin Theory almost screwed up by not bringing the rings because they were holding the ceremony in a ring. Thankfully, Ikemen Jiro saved the day by stashing them in his jacket pocket.

When asked if anyone objected, Dexter ensured that wouldn’t be the case:

It started to go wrong when Lumis choked out the minister for daring question that he had no vows beyond the simple thumbs up he offered to Indi. Thankfully, Beth Phoenix was prepared for something like this and revealed she went online just last night to become an ordained minister herself.

So she stepped right in, cut to the chase, and gave us this moment:

Dexter talked just enough to marry Hartwell, the couple kissed, and that was that.

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