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Rex Steiner debuts in NXT as ‘Bron Breakker’

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Rick Steiner’s son, Bronson, got his pro wrestling career started late last year and quickly signed with WWE in February. He’s been in training ever since, but recently started going by the name “Rex Steiner.”

That won’t be he uses on TV, however.

Indeed, he debuted on this week’s episode of NXT TV, the first iteration of the “2.0” branding, and called himself Bron Breakker:

Then he went out and had a decent if unremarkable match against Knight, winning clean via pinfall. Yes, that would be the same LA Knight who is scheduled to wrestle for the NXT championship in the main event of this very show.

That’s one hell of a way to introduce a new wrestler the promotion hopes can be a star at the level of his father and uncle.

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