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Major match reportedly pulled from NXT 2.0 debut episode (Possible Spoiler)

WWE’s YouTube

Before we get into the news... just want to say how much I dislike the “NXT 2.0” name WWE’s recently unveiled for the makeover they’re giving their third brand.

As much as my heart will always belong to the mid-to-late 2010s era black-and-gold show, I remain willing to give the new, more colorful, youth & size-oriented NXT a chance. But this “2.0” business is dumb. For one thing, it sounds dated as hell... who promotes things with their version history these days? AOL? Sure, there are still numbers involved in OS builds, but marketing moved past the “dot oh” billing in the internet’s infancy.

Then there’s the fact that if we’re really keeping track, this would be more like NXT 5.0 (faux-reality show, YouTube run, streaming exclusive, Wednesday Night War, then what we’re getting tonight). Ahem. Sorry. Anyway...

One of the matches set-up last week for the revamp tonight (Sept. 14) was a Women’s title match between champion Raquel González and Franky Monet. According to a report this afternoon from Fightful Select, that’s no longer taking place this week.

No reason was given for the change. And honestly, it’s not a great loss. The match came together late, and seemed like a way to burn off a Monet challenge set-up using NXT’s old marching orders.

Still, combine this with Samoa Joe surprisingly vacating the men’s title on Sunday, and the fact Triple H probably won’t be on hand for today’s filming due to his recent health issues - you can see why Fightful also reports the NXT roster is feeling “trepidation” heading into the revamp.

Join us in our live blog tonight and we can all feel trepidatious about 2.0 together!

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