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Of course you can already order a Charly doll from WWE Shop

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If you’re a fan of Alexa Bliss’ current character and all that it entails... mazel tov.

Personally, as many Bliss fans & stans on social media will be happy to point out, I am not. There are a few reasons why the gimmick doesn’t work, IMHO. The big one is that WWE hasn’t spent any time explaining the “how” or “why” of Alexa subsuming Bray Wyatt’s supernatural powers and palling around with a sentient doll who helps her win matches.

They have, however, made it pretty clear that “what” the act is designed to do is sell merchandise. Given that, it shouldn’t surprise you that when Bliss rekindled her feud with Charlotte Flair by presenting the Raw Women’s champion with a “Charly” plush toy modeled after her own friend “Lilly”, WWE Shop already had a page up & ready to take pre-orders on the new doll...

WWE Shop

That’s... certainly one way to spend $40, plus shipping & handling.