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The world’s slowest tag team split nears its conclusion

The team of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler didn’t seem built to last. When WWE put the pair together last summer, their partnership seemed designed to do two things: further the split between Sasha Banks & Bayley (off whom they took the Women’s Tag titles), and set up a future feud between Baszler & Jax.

Bayley attacked The Boss when they failed to reclaim the belts on the first SmackDown after Payback in September of 2020. So mission accomplished on that front. The latter has taken... quite a bit longer.

One tag title reign turned into two when Charlotte Flair & Asuka won the belts for about a month as part of The Queen & The Empress’ program earlier this year. The seemingly makeshift duo of Nia & Shayna stayed tag champs until May. The two weren’t on the same page after dropping the titles to Natalya & Tamina - but they’ve never been on the same page, so it was hard to tell if that meant anything.

Now, after the team survived Jax’s infatuation with Reginald and Baszler’s feud with a doll, they’ve finally exploded. All it took was a pair of losses to Charlotte on back-to-back weeks; Shayna distracted Nia on Sept. 6, Nia distracted Shayna last night (Sept. 13), and voila!

It’s not clear where either woman is headed after this match; they both just lost to the Raw Women’s champ, so probably not the title picture. But the Draft is around the corner, so this just may be WWE tying up lose ends before Shayna & Nia end up on different shows next month.

Looking forward to finally seeing these mega powers explode?

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