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Give us this Karrion Kross, please

We got a backstage promo from Karrion Kross during Monday Night Raw this week and this is much, much closer to what we should be getting from the former NXT champion every week:

“My name is Karrion Kross. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Deep down, most of you don’t know who you really are. However, you have an idea who you’d like to be. But no one finds their true nature until they’re the one suffering — or inflicting the suffering. But now, the suffering I’ve generated has become insatiable. My list of casualties on Raw continue to grow. You want to know if there’s an ounce of empathy within my body or if I enjoy every second of my opponent’s agony? You tell me.

“You want to know my motives? My desires? My ultimate plan? Well, what if I don’t know the answers to these questions? What if this is all I know? There is only one certainty: I will hurt every single person in this place until there is no one left and I get everything that I want. Because I am not here to get lost in the shuffle. Step-by-step, every week, I am going to pulverize everyone around me like clockwork until everyone learns to fall and pray.”

More of this, please.

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