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Big E cashes in Money in the Bank to win the WWE championship

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Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton had one hell of a TV main event on Monday Night Raw this week, as the former retained the WWE championship with a spear. After, he put the boots to Randy Orton and Riddle, banging up his knee in the process.

You knew what that was going to mean.

Big E indeed made good on his claim that he would cash in the Money in the Bank contract. Lashley apparently refused the match at first — I say apparently because they went to a commercial in between E handing off the briefcase and the match starting — but E slapped him in the face and enraged him enough to get the action popping off.

After a short match, E hit the Big Ending and scored the three count to win his first WWE championship.

Naturally, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods hit the ring to celebrate right along with him as fireworks exploded in the arena in Boston.

The game just changed, folks.