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Drip God Seth Rollins has Stone Cold Steve Austin looking like a Bob Ross painting

No mistakes, just happy accidents.

Not everything WWE does is for me, but sometimes they crank out content that is tailor-made for my sensibilities.

Steve Austin and Seth Rollins promoting their upcoming episode of Broken Skull Sessions by having the Drip God give Stone Cold a wardrobe upgrade is one such example of bespoke material.

Seth tells us this blazer is inspired by the beatiful scenario around Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch. And maybe it is. But I know a “Happy Little Cloud” when I see one.

It’s not exactly my style, but if Stone Cold is happy (and based on his “Oh Hell Yeah!” retweet, I reckon he is), that’s good enough for me. I do appreciate Rollins going for one of his more subdued patterns here so as to not upstage the style he gifted his host.

We’ll see what other magic these two produce when their Broken Skull Sessions (hopefully) premieres after Extreme Rules in a couple weeks.

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