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A (mostly) wholesome exchange between AEW & WWE wrestlers

Usually when we write about talent from one company interacting with talent from another, there’s some trash talking involved.

Whether it’s 100% work of shoot, we’ll never know. But there’s usually at least an undercurrent of “I’m the greatest” / “Maybe if I didn’t exist” or “We’re the best” / “Check the ratings, pal”.

Not these Twitter exchanges from after SmackDown last Friday (Sept. 10), though. The hostility in these never really rose above good old fashioned “my town is better than your town” banter.

They started when AEW &Long Island’s MJF bemoaned having to head to Newark for this week’s Dynamite, and WWE’s Jersiest Jersey Girl Liv Morgan repped her state.

Even Max’s reply is downright gentlemanly!

Happy Corbin swoops in, and that eventually leads to Friedman checking in on the former broke king (who he’d offered a high interest loan to a few weeks back). It’s just two guys catching up with each other... told you it was wholesome...

...until old Happy has to ruin it.

Contrary to what Corbin says, the people of Jersey don’t smell... at least not worse than anywhere else.

Anyway, more friendly cross-company chit-chat please.

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