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Finn Balor loves the idea of the ‘Forbidden Door’

You’ve heard the phrase “the Forbidden Door” a lot since AEW started gaining more and more mainstream notoriety and have completely gone against the normal order of how WWE has done business. Instead of eschewing working with other companies in the industry, AEW has embraced it.

It’s an idea that some in WWE are awfully fond of, like Finn Balor, who had this to say about it to The Cultaholic (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“I love the idea of the Forbidden Door. I feel like if I have an opportunity to wrestle in Japan or Mexico or Europe, for whatever promotion, I would love to be able to do. Obviously, contractually in WWE, they take care of all my dates and my bookings and my travel. They organize everything. If we could set up a working relationship between some of these other brands from around the world, I would love to challenge myself against performers from different regions.”

It seems unlikely WWE would ever actually do anything like what AEW has done, but perhaps the outside success of a competing promotion could change the minds of the powers that be.

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