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So who should Big E cash in the Money in the Bank contract on?

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This week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown featured yet another instance of Big E popping up out of nowhere to remind Paul Heyman that no matter how many problems he has right now, there’s always another lurking just around the corner. In this case, that would be E himself, Mr. Money in the Bank, who has a contract for a guaranteed title shot in the that silly briefcase he carries everywhere.

Whether it’s Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, Big E is coming.

Or maybe not.

He also mentioned he could go after the WWE champion over on Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley (it could be Randy Orton as soon as next week, though). One would think that would mean he makes the switch over to the red brand — assuming he wins, of course — which would reunite him with his New Day stablemates, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston.

So I ask one simple question of you, dear Cagesiders.


Who should Big E cash in his Money in the Bank contract on?

  • 23%
    Roman Reigns
    (548 votes)
  • 76%
    Bobby Lashley
    (1769 votes)
2317 votes total Vote Now