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Kofi Kingston’s original idea for his Kevin Nash tribute included hidden stilts

Earlier this week, The New Day paid tribute to The Outsiders in the form of Xavier Woods dressing up as Scott Hall and Kofi Kingston taking the role of Kevin Nash on Monday Night Raw. “Big Sexy” loved it.

As it turns out, Kingston’s original plan included hidden stilts:

“Like Jonathan says in the repost below, the original plan was to have my entrance pants be elongated so that I could wear stilts underneath. Woods would be Scott Hall and I’d be the BIGGEST Big Sexy…this was gonna be hilarious! @davenpoe came through with the design, per usual…Then I came across a few videos of people doing flips and tricks on these spring-loaded stilts. So I ordered them…I tried them on. I almost hyperextended my knees at least 4 times. Said nope. Put them right back in the box and shipped them to my brother. I opted to go with regular tear away pants…Not every idea is a hit ‍♀️•It’s a real shame that there’s no video of me struggling from my room to the bathroom mirror, nearly busting my ass with every step…”

It truly is a shame we’ll never get to see that video.

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