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WWE’s Brock Lesnar look-alike gets a new name, is ‘coming soon’

Remember Parker Boudreaux, the University of Central Florida football player WWE signed earlier this year who looks so much like Brock Lesnar Riddle was on Twitter cracking jokes about it while angling for a match with him? He was running around with Eva Marie for a while teasing something out before she returned to the main roster teaming up with Doudrop. He’s kept his thing going on Instagram and we’re here to take note of the fact that he’s made a big change.

He’s no longer Parker Boudreaux, but rather Gunnar Harland. He’s also promising he’ll be “coming soon,” which lines up just right with the upcoming rebrand of NXT scheduled for next Tuesday night. We don’t know if he’ll be debuting on that show, or even if his debut will be anytime in the next few weeks, but getting a new name is a big step in the process.

Stay tuned.

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