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Edge taken out of SmackDown on a stretcher

WWE hit a big story beat in the Seth Rollins vs. Edge story during this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Edge has talked extensively about his surgically repaired neck and how maybe he couldn’t handle a Curb Stomp from Rollins, so he simply couldn’t allow it to ever happen.

It happened this week.

After what was yet another incredible match between the two, Rollins, following multiple superkicks to an already downed Edge, who simply stared blankly back at him, went ahead and hit his finish. It was enough to earn him a three count and the victory.

But it left Edge still in the middle of the ring, the referee calling for medical personnel, who rushed to the ring with a stretcher. That’s how he was carried out, all the way to the ambulance, right on to the local medical facility.

The end?

Rollins, for his part, was asked how he felt and he was damn near in a state of catatonia.

Stay tuned.

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