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Brock Lesnar returns, and we still don’t know whose side Paul Heyman is on

WWE wasted no time getting straight to the return of Brock Lesnar on Friday Night SmackDown this week. Roman Reigns, The Usos, and, most importantly, Paul Heyman hit the scene to allow Madison Square Garden in New York City to acknowledge the Tribal Chief.

Did they ever.

Reigns was MEGA over with this crowd, with very few boos to be heard while he was working the gimmick. But there was one person who was even more over to that same crowd, and that was “The Beast” who interrupted him.

Lesnar hit the scene and Heyman asked why they couldn’t go after literally any other title in WWE. Lesnar returned fire with a question of his own: “Why didn’t you let Reigns know I was going to be at SummerSlam?”

The Universal champion responded to this by grabbing his title and walking away, seemingly incredulous. Heyman was left with Lesnar in the ring, and he shifted his alliance right to him, if it wasn’t there before, and Brock accepted it — at first. Then he demanded Heyman accept his challenge for a title shot before Reigns fired him. He threatened violence to get his way, but before he could deliver on it Reigns returned to the ring and seemingly defended Heyman. Or maybe he was just using the opportunity to get the upper hand on Lesnar.

The segment ended before we could learn what side Heyman comes down on. It could be neither. It could be both.

We just can’t know!

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