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Paul Heyman makes a Brock Lesnar phone call sound terrifying

USA Network

During an interview with the New York Post that is largely about his role in the latest chapter of the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns rivalry, Paul Heyman was asked about the phone call he received from Lesnar on Friday Night SmackDown last week. It led to the following exchange, which really showcases why Heyman is so damn good at this:

Q: So Brock is not a call, you miss his call and leave a voicemail kind of guy? He’s like, I’m going to call 17 times until you pick up?

A: There are no voicemails, there are no text messages, there are no tweets, there are no Instagram stories coming from the house of Lesnar. When The Beast wants your attention he’s going to conquer the oxygen around you until you pick up the phone.

That is brilliant. This man said Lesnar is going to “conquer the oxygen around you” just to get you to pick up the phone when he personally wants to speak to you, not when you’re ready for it.

Leave it to Heyman to make this as good as it could possibly be.

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