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Sasha Banks slays the One Chip Challenge

The Boss powered through on Hot Ones, even though just watching someone else eat Paqui’s latest mouthburner made her butt hurt.

Eating spicy foods on YouTube with Sean Evans has worked out well for Sasha Banks. Her first appearance on Hot Ones caught the eye of Jon Favreau & the Star Wars team at Disney, which led to her recurring role in The Mandalorian extended universe as Koska Reeves.

First wings. Then main eventing WrestleMania and action figures. I love it when a plan comes together.

So it’s no surprise that The Boss opted to hang and sweat with Evans again. This time she took on a steeper challenge than just hot sauce on chicken and escalating levels on the Scoville Scale. Banks took Paqui’s annual “One Chip Challenge”, jumping right into the deep end of the spice pool.

This year’s corn chip was seasoned with a mix of Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers, and even though she conquered her regular episode with Evans in 2018, just watching a Hot Ones superfan take a bit out of the Paqui chip put the fear in Sasha. “My butt hurts,” were her exact words.

Still, she ate the damn thing. And when Sean wanted to tap out after only two of the five minutes they vowed to last before drinking anything, The Boss made him hang in there - even though she was literally drooling all over the table.

We haven’t seen Sasha since before SummerSlam, and we don’t know when this was filmed. Maybe she’s out with sprained taste buds? Or a sore butt?

No matter. She can definitely add “Spice Lord” to her already impressive resumé.

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