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The end of Elias?

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, a most interesting pre-tape ran showing Elias standing by a fire, thoughtfully looking at his guitar, reminiscing on the many, many, many times he’s been blasted in the back by one, and seemingly making a big decision for his future.

That is indeed a direct quote, and it was played on commentary as a confusing video but one with a clear message — Elias is ready to reinvent himself.

If that is the direction WWE chooses to go, it will come after a six year run as the “Drifter” character that first started in NXT and ultimately resulted in quite a few memorable performances. Not actual wrestling matches, but sit down musical performances that were always interrupted.

He did get to wrestle most of the top stars in the promotion, and was given a spot on the card at WrestleMania opposite John Cena a few years back. They got plenty of mileage out of this gimmick.

What’s next?

Stay tuned.

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