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Possible signs that report of low morale in NXT is right on the money

Following Friday night’s surprising WWE NXT talent releases, a number of reports came out about what they meant. Among those was one saying Vince McMahon intended to take the brand back to its roots as a developmental program focused on cultivating big, young potential future stars - meaning not the cruiserweight-sized former indie veterans we’ve come to think of as “NXT lifers” over the past five years.

In the wake of the report about McMahon’s new vision for NXT, there were follow-ups about how low morale is at the Performance Center right now. It has fans looking for signs of that from the kinds of wrestlers who figure to be phased out or de-emphasized in the new NXT.

One comes our way courtesy of guys who are good at trolling WWE. As you’re probably aware, The Young Bucks don’t do much tweeting any more. That doesn’t mean they aren’t active on the social media platform, however. What Matt & Nick Jackson do is to update their Twitter bio with (generally smart-ass) things most people would tweet.

The Bucks bio from yesterday (Aug. 8) was in reference to McMahon’s new marching orders for the black-and-gold brand:

“Very tall. Not in our 30’s”

Whether you find it funny or not, it’s par for the course for Matt & Nick when it comes to dirt sheet rumors about WWE. What’s grabbed some attention this time around is that Johnny Gargano liked a tweet from an account that sends out The Bucks’ bios.

Johnny Gargano’s Twitter

That’s interesting because the 33 year old Gargano is listed at 5’ 10”, 199 pounds... pretty much the exact kind of guy Vince supposedly doesn’t want his third brand focusing on. Johnny publicly supporting a joke from the competition doesn’t do anything to dispute reports of low morale.

Also of note on the Twittah Masheen, Tommaso Ciampa posted (and Gargano retweeted) this GIF. There’s no proof it’s in response to a debate started by someone saying the long rivalry between former tag partners is when NXT “jumped the shark”, but it feels like it probably is.

If Ciampa, who’s 36 and listed at 5’ 11” 201 pounds, was not understandably disturbed by the weekend’s reports, would he bother subtweeting about a Wrestling Twitter debate? A debate that probably wouldn’t even be happening without all the news about NXT that’s come out since last Friday.

Is there anything to some tweets? Maybe, maybe not. For now, we’ll just chalk it up to more smoke from the fire set when Bronson Reed & 12 others lost their jobs.

Stay tuned.

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