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Bronson Reed was ‘shocked, upset’ by WWE release but is remaining positive

When Bronson Reed was first released by WWE just days ago, his immediate response was to take to Twitter with the following message, notably tagging the major pro wrestling promotions:

That was a knee-jerk reaction. Now that it’s been a couple days, he took the time to release a video to give a more thorough response to his being let go and how it made him feel:

“So I have had some time to reflect now and some time to just process what has happened. And I was very shocked, very upset. As you know, this doesn’t just affect me, it affects my wife as well, and we are here in a foreign country. But my wife is a super positive person and has kept me positive as well. And I just wanted to reach out to all you guys, I am just very thankful, you know. The love and support that I’ve received online is just incredible. I was trending on Twitter, and that means a lot to me. It means a lot to me that, you know, a lot of you feel for me and will still continue to follow me no matter what.

“I did want to thank NXT. I want to thank Hunter and Shawn for believing in me. I want to thank the coaches, Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley, Steve Corino, those guys that I learned a lot from. And I wanted to thank all the boys backstage as well. It was a great locker room to be a part of. But, you know, I am staying positive and I do believe I am bar none the best super heavyweight in the world. And I will continue to prove that. So, as they say, one door closes and another one opens. But for me, many doors are open. Now it’s just about which one I want to walk through.

“So thank you very much for all the support and love, and please keep supporting. Thank you.”

Reed has the size and skill one would think would be in demand in the pro wrestling world, no matter the promotion. Thankfully for him, there are plenty of options.

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