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Jinder Mahal’s advice for anyone released by WWE

Jinder Mahal’s early run in WWE was fairly unremarkable, save for a memorable pairing with Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre as 3MB. That act was never going anywhere, though, and eventually he was released by the company.

After spending a few years on the independent scene, Mahal was hired back and within a year was WWE champion.

Quite the turnaround!

During his time away, he got himself into tremendous shape, and generally redefined himself. It’s no surprise, then, that this is the advice he has for anyone who has been released by WWE, as he told Sportskeeda:

“The door is always open in WWE. My advice to anyone who just got released is to look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to redefine yourself. Make some noise. You know wrestling in WWE is super, super hot. Internationally everything. We got crowds back. But wrestling outside of WWE is also picking up steam and that’s a great place to plant your flag, make a name for yourself and eventually make it back to WWE.”

The tides change in any industry, and WWE is clearly undergoing a strategic shift that has resulted in many wrestlers losing their jobs. What will always be in demand, however, are big stars. Can they make themselves that outside of WWE, enough to want to be brought back?

Time will tell.

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