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The McAfee Minute was dope, but it wasn’t the best thing Pat did on SmackDahn

A year ago, Pat McAfee was getting ready for his TakeOver XXX match with Adam Cole.

On Fri., Aug. 6, Cole was (allegedly) taking meetings with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and McAfee was holding it down in his new post as the color commentator for SmackDown. Or as my fellow Yinzer likes to call it... SmackDAHN.

We’ve waxed poetic about how great Pat Mac is at his newest job on several occasions. Well, guess what? We’re gonna do it again!

McAfee worked the Tampa crowd at Amalie Arena last night with his commercial break schtick where he gets old fashioned cheap pops by says good things about the city WWE is in, AND gets heel heat by claiming his announce partner Michael Cole said bad things about the town & its sports teams.

It’s great, as it always it is. But it wasn’t my favorite McAfee moment from last night. No, that once again goes to Pat’s ongoing savagery toward the down-on-his-luck Baron Corbin. This time, it was just a quick nickname he gave Corbin while hyping his match with Finn Bálor later on the show...

Forget “Happy”. We’ve found Corbin’s new name.

Oh, and never let Pat leave SmackDahn. Please and thank you.

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