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Released NXT talents react to being letting go by WWE

Jake Atlas

The WWE budget cutting axe fell on NXT last night (Fri., Aug. 6). All told, we learned of 13 people based at the Performance Center in Orlando who lost their jobs.

There are a lot of questions about what WWE moving out of talent-hoarding mode means for the future of the black-and-gold brand, and the industry at large. We’ll have plenty of time to debate & discuss possible answers to those.

It’s always good to remember there are human beings attached to these decisions. Here’s what some of them have had to share after learning they’re free to start taking independent bookings in early September (most NXT contracts have 30 day non-competes).

We shared Bronson Reed’s tweet already. Meanwhile, Jake Atlas is quoting Lady Gaga:

Kona Reeves and Desmond Troy have both been in WWE’s developmental system for several years, and both were gracious with their goodbyes:

Anthony Henry & Alex Zayne were barely with WWE long enough to get a trademarked name. They’re not burning bridges, but they weren’t saying “thanks” either.

Join us in wishing these five men and everyone who lost their jobs yesterday the best.

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