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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Aug. 6, 2021): Balor wants vengeance

I’m very happy to see that Finn Balor isn’t totally getting screwed.

His promo in the back early in the night was very specific about targeting John Cena once he was done with Baron Corbin, and it wasn’t something I had initially expected from him after last week’s booking, plus this week’s “Corbin is the reason why Balor isn’t facing Roman Reigns” booking.

We all know that’s a buncha bull.

Still enjoying what they’re doing with Corbin. He doesn’t come out to music anymore, and holy hell he must stink because he hasn’t changed in weeks.

He tried to get out of it by whining about his life again, but Balor didn’t have any of it.

In fact he pretty much swiftly beat Corbin in a quick match. The right decision, of course.

However, then he called his shot once again for Roman and the Universal title. That prompted the Tribal Chief to come out.

The Tribal Chief told Balor to keep his name out Balor’s mouth, even though he understands why he’s upset.

So Balor shoved Reigns out of the ring, and NXT Finn came back out waiting for Reigns to come back.

And then the Usos attacked him from behind.

They got him and Balor tried to fight back, but the bloodline got the upper hand. All while the crowd chanted for John Cena, but John Cena was nowhere to be found.

So now, it would appear that Balor may be put into the SummerSlam match. Though we pretty much know what that means if that happens. He’s taking the pin.

While I’m not thrilled about it, to see him in the match, and maybe even have a small program with Cena before he leaves, would be great.

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

Sasha Banks made a statement.

It was a self absorbed statement, but it was a statement nonetheless.

Banks was all about how she got dissed after WrestleMania and Bianca Belair never thanked her. Where she was correct however, was when she said that Belair wouldn’t have had her more mainstream popularity had Banks not been involved.

No main event, no ESPY’s, no Megan Thee Stallion photo op. Sasha was right to assume that none of that would have happened if Bianca didn’t have a title.

But she was trying to make us forget, as Belair pointed out, that Banks wanted Belair to pick her after the win at the Royal Rumble. This was a great showing by Belair, and I think it mostly washed away the stupidity of last week’s booking.

Zelina Vega didn’t forget about her place in line (which she doesn’t deserve because she hasn’t won ONE match since returning!) and had to come out to remind everyone. So Belair obliged, and announced that Banks would have to wait until SummerSlam.

Well, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville decided to throw a wrench into those plans, too. And thankfully so.

Though of course their solution was to have another championship contender match, but alright I’ll look past it this time.

I thought that the distraction by Banks in the match later was going to be what got Zelina her first win, but thankfully, it didn’t. And having Bianca win here was the right choice. There was no reason for Zelina to win.

I’m very happy that they didn’t pull the “shocking upset” card on this match.

The Evolution of the Architect.

It’s quite incredible how quickly Seth Rollins’ character has been reformed from the getting bland Messiah.

I didn’t realize it during the Zazaro feud, but it’s been a little while since Rollins has been the Messiah, hasn’t it? It was sort of slowly faded out of existence when he got the new and much better entrance music.

So Edge came out and said that he would have done the same thing as Rollins, and when Rollins interrupted via Satellite, Edge got him where it hurt.

Edge called Rollins “Edge-lite” and that he would resort to the old Edge in order to put Rollins away for good. He’s only able to do that because Rollins didn’t finish the job in 2014 and he can’t stand it.

Edge made the challenge for Rollins at SummerSlam, and Rollins accepted.

I’m very much interested in this feud and I love Edge playing off the history of these men.

The Rest

Jey Uso defeated Dominik Mysterio

We’ve seen some variation of this match a bunch of times this year. If Dom won it, I wouldn’t have any words to type here. However, because he lost, I can see that there are seeds being planted. Rey Mysterio is making sure that Dom knows that bringing those titles back into the family is THE most important thing. The most important thing, Rey? Hmmm. I don’t know if Dom agrees with that. Interested to see how this progresses to SummerSlam.

Tegan Nox defeated Tamina

By the time I finished typing this sentence, the match was over. So a good thing about this - Tegan Nox got her first name back! Now, I love the tank. Using it in a match as a distraction... pretty heel-ish. Not a a fan of this new babyface team doing that.

The Street Profits defeated The Dirty Dawgz

Y’all this was a match that happened. It happened to be what was on television when all of the new batch of releases were announced online. Did ANYONE actually pay attention to this? Montez Ford’s athleticism is always something to put over, though.

Apollo Crews vs. King Nakamura ends in a classic disqualification

These “championship contender” matches have been silly, since the champion is in the match. We all know WWE loves pinning their champions, though. So this match I had hopes for, since I like the men involved. But of course they went for the quick Commander Azeez disqualification finish. Nakamura technically pinned Crews already sooo...

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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