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Emotional Braun Strowman vows we’ll see him again

It’s been a couple months now since Braun Strowman was released by WWE and that means it will likely be another month until a non-compete clause comes up and he can show up on television for another pro wrestling company. It’s unclear if that’s what is in the plans, though Mark Henry did mention in June that there was mutual interest with AEW, but Strowman is clearly missing the platform WWE used to provide him.

From his Instagram:

“Not gonna lie these videos are hard to watch right now. But I’m so thankful for the time I had to be able to share such an amazing part of my life with my friends and there kids. Putting smiles on the little ones faces was my favorite part of my time with @wwe I’d lie if I said was wasn’t in tears right now posting this. But it’s stuff like this that I need to see and be reminded of and how truly blessed my life has been and how much impact I have had on people. I’m sad that chapter in my life’s book page is turning but I promise I will find a way one day again to be able to go out there and inspire people around the world that anything is possible and dreams come true!!! #IAmAnEntertainer #PuttingSmilesOnFaces #BeSomeonesHero #protectourchildren #ItAintOver #YoullSeeMeAgain @te_dubz I love you guys very much thank you for sending me this.”

It’s worth noting that on his Instagram stories recently, Strowman told a fan if he could pick one job and work it for the next 20 years it would be as a motivational speaker. So perhaps he’s considering a line of work outside of pro wrestling.

Then again, nothing directly connects you with fans quite like this industry.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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